Privacy policy

The privacy policy is all about the methods we follow to collect secure and store the data collected from the users. There are different methods followed to collect the required information.

We are an independent service provider and focus on offering the best support and guidance to all our customers

Methods of data collection

Data or the information collected from the users include the personal and the private data. We collect the data using two methods (email or chat). The information collected includes the name, email ID, credit card details and phone number.

The plan orders and the service plans are collected from the customers to activate the service required by the customers


Rules and regulations are executed to prevent the misuse of the data or information. The data or information will be handed over to the concerned authorities. We do not share any information without the prior consent of the customers

Error reports collected from the users

Error reports are collected from the users in case of any error or threat arises. The report will have information about the cause, severity of the threat and other information

Changes to the privacy policies

Any changes or updates we make to the privacy policy will be updated on our webpage or will be informed to the customers. The same information will be intimated to the customers

Copyrights or trademarks

We do not suggest the customers to share the information collected from the customers to the Third party authorities. Copyrights or Trademarks regulations are effective to prevent the copyright issues


Cookies are used to improve the website traffic and will be useful to collect the data or information from the webpages. Users can visit the respective settings to enable the cookies

Suggest all the customers to read, accept and understand the privacy policies before accessing the service. Navigate to our webpage to know more about the service we offer to the customers and the privacy policies that we follow.