Stream Pluto TV Channel [ Roku]

Pluto TV is one of the best and most watched channel on Roku. The channel telecast latest programs that are on demand and grab the attention of most of the viewers today. Activate the channel using the set of activation steps available.

Activate Pluto TV on Roku - Roku

Activate Pluto TV on Roku – Roku

The best part is that there are no activation fees to activate the channel.

Interesting Program Collections to Watch on Pluto TV

  • 46 video feeds
  • Music, news and sports channels

Best Channels Offered to the Customers

Once you activate the channel you can access the contents from the popular channels listed below. Sky news

  • The Weather Network
  • Tech news
  • Extreme sports
  • World poker tour
  • Rocket Jump
  • News24/7

Pluto TV Activation on Roku via Roku

  • Power on the device and prepare it for the channel activation process. Check if you have all the essential requirements( Roku account, streaming device and good speed network connection)
  • Connect the device to the network connection (It can be either wired or wireless). To establish the wired connection connect an ethernet cable between the device and the router
  • For wireless connection choose the option wireless from the display screen and type the credentials (username and password). Tap on the connect tab and carry on with the onscreen instructions to connect the device to the wireless network
  • Complete the guided setup process (Language and display selection).
  • Create a Roku account login with the credentials to add the channel from the channel store
  • Visit the page Roku and type the activation code

Alternate Method to Stream the Channel

Use the casting feature on your device to mirror the screen of your device. To enable the feature go to settings > display >cast screen.

Choose the name of the Roku streaming device and go forward with the onscreen instructions to complete the Pluto TV channel activation process.

To Stream the Contents From Your Mobile Device

To stream the channel from the mobile devices such as the smartphone or tablets, navigate to the app store. Search for the channel app in the search tab. Find the app and go forward with the onscreen instructions to download the app.

What if you Come Across Errors Streaming the Channel?

  • Check the activation steps and ensure that you do not miss any of the steps
  • Go for a quick restart of your device (Go to settings >system >system restart to restart the device)
  • Check the speed of the network connection. We suggest you to perform a speed test to check the speed of the network connection
  • Perform a system update
  • Channel app users can check the compatibility of the app with the mobile device

Execute the activation steps to complete the Roku channel activation process. To get more updates and information about the channel activation ring the toll-free lines +1-866-990-6730 or speak to our network team at

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