How to Complete Roku Wireless Setup Using

Connect Your Roku Player To Wireless Network

Roku is absolutely the most useful streaming media player in the ongoing internet trends. Technologies are getting a whopping development, and thereby, for electronic devices, evolution turned out into a common thing which it happens for every decade.

With wide access of internet to everyone, traditional satellite TV telecasting through cable networks have been eliminated from current trends. Instead of wired connections and TVs, the streaming player came up with a new idea of accessing Live TV and many other on-demand media contents just through the internet. Wireless connections transformed into the basic means of electronic devices connections as it offers much comfort and reliability to the customers with the devices.

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What are the Steps Involved in Setup?

In the first place, for the wireless setup process, Roku player and TV should be connected by means of the HDMI cable. If you have Roku player, connect to the TV using the HDMI cable. But if you have Roku stick, straight away connect to the TV by plugging to the HDMI slot in the TV. Follow the below instructions for the initial process,

  • After connecting the HDMI cable, turn on your TV and connect the adapter for power supply to the Roku player
  • Switch on the device and after viewing the home menu on the TV screen, to connect to the Wi-Fi network, go to the ‘settings’ menu. In the settings, click the ‘network’ option and then press ‘Setup new Wi-Fi connection
  • Select your preferred network from the available list and use the on-screen keyboard available on the TV to enter the necessary credentials for the account login
  • After establishing the internet connection, the Roku device will automatically start the software download process and install on its own
  • After successful installation, the Roku device is ready to stream the shows. Restart the device once, and start watching

Roku Wireless Setup Issues

In the meantime, if you are getting any hindrance in the wireless setup process, proceed with the following instructions,

  • In the Roku remote, press the home button and go to the home menu on the TV screen. Go for ‘settings’ option. Under the settings, select ‘network
  • For the internet network, you should choose between the wired and wireless options
  • Choose ‘Wireless’ and select your preferred network name on the appearing list
  • Then, as usual, enter the necessary credentials for signing in

How To Activate Roku Channels?

Roku Channels

After signing into the Roku account, you can activate the channel by the following steps.

  • Go to the main screen home menu in your Roku account; and select the ‘Streaming channels’ to enter into the channel store
  • In the channel search bar, enter the keyword for your channel and look for the appropriate results
  • Click the right one and select the ‘Add channel’ to download and install the channel package on your Roku
  • If it is paid subscription channel, click the ‘Buy’ option and purchase the channel by providing necessary payment options

Roku Mobile App

You can get the Roku mobile app from the website.

  • Go to the play store, or iOS app store in your Smartphone and search for the Roku mobile app and install it
  • Enter the app and select your desired channel icon or enter the channel name in the channel store
  • Similar to the TV, select the ‘Add channel’ option in the app to purchase the right channel
  • In case of new channel purchase, Roku PIN is a mandatory one

Roku Mobile App

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