Why you will Need a Roku Account for your Roku Setup – Go.roku.com/whyaccount

Do You Need A Roku Account – Go.roku.com/whyaccount

You will definitely need a Roku account to use your Roku service. Once you connected your device to your TV, you can go ahead with the Roku account creation(go.roku.com/whyaccount). Only after you have created and linked your account through Roku.com/link, you can watch your favorite programs. You have to provide your address and payment details to complete the creation process. Though you won’t be charged for creating your account, you must provide the details in order to purchase/rent/subscribe the movies or channels. In addition to that, you can view and control your linked Roku devices.

Guide to Create the Roku Account

Below are the guidelines to create your Roku account with the help of information available on Go.roku.com/whyaccount page

  • From your mobile device open a new browser
  • Identify the webpage to create the Roku account
  • As you tap on the account creation page, the very next step will prompt you to provide the data that includes the Name, Email ID and Password
  • Tap on the connect tab and wait for some time until the account creation process is complete
  • Make a of the options to create a Roku account without a credit card
  • Enter the Roku account pin if prompted during the Roku account creation and this will help you to prevent unauthorized channel purchase


To Set Up Your Streaming Device

To set up or link your streaming device, go to the page Roku.com/link. As you tap on the URL, a page will open where you can type the code. Wait for some time until the device gets automatically linked to the Roku com link account.

To Add Your Favorite Channels

Roku Channels

  • For adding or removing your favorite channels, just move to the store
  • For visiting the store, the first step is to log in to the account
  • As soon as you click on the streaming channel tab using your remote, you will be navigated to store
  • Start typing the name of the channel and wait for the search results
  • For adding the free channels, you can select it and click on the Add channel tab whereas the pay channels require paying the subscription charges

Do You Come Across Any Roku Account Errors?

Errors are common if you start using your Roku account or if you start activating the device. We suggest you to make a not of a few tips given below;

  • Verify the Roku account credentials (username and password)
  • Check the URL or page that you use for Roku account creation
  • Deactivate the existing account and try creating a new account
  • Ensure that you have connected the device to the internet connection and it is active
  • Quickly restart the device and check if the errors still remain (Go to settings > system > system restart for performing the restart)

Roku Channel Error

Login to the Roku account, set up the device and start streaming the channels or programs that you love. Read and understand the go.roku.com/whyaccount guidelines before you start the Roku account creation. To get more assistance, we suggest you read the information provided on our webpage Go.roku.com/rss and contact our team of certified techies @ +1-866-990-6730 and it is our vision to guide you and offer you the best support 24/7.