Fix Roku TV Wi-Fi Issue

We have the best tips for Roku customers to get rid of the network or internet connection errors. Roku streaming device requires the network speed of 3.0 Mbps for the standard definition contents and 9.0 Mbps for HD contents.

How to Fix Roku TV WI-FI Issue

Fix Roku TV WI-FI Issue

Suggest the users to troubleshoot Roku TV Wi-Fi issue to get uninterrupted streaming.

  • Select the accurate network option form the device display screen
  • Switch on your device and look for the network options that are available in the device display screen. Just click on the option wireless and then provide the right credentials (If I Forgot the Email ID). Wait until you can view the green checkmarks on the screen as it will indicate that your Roku streaming device network connection is active.
  • Check the server and the IP address (Internet protocol) that you use – Verify the internet protocol address that you use for your Roku TV and ensure that it is valid.
  • Purchase the Ethernet cables that can offer you better output – The cables that you use to connect between your Roku TV and the router must be of good quality. Read the reviews to find the latest brands.
  • Reset your Roku streaming device – Resetting the streaming device has given better output and most of the users find the option useful. You can also try for it. All you need to do is to remove all the cables.
  • For restarting your Roku streaming device – Use the settings >system>system restart for the restart.

Additional Tips

Plan your budget and start purchasing a new router that has the latest features and specifications.

Check the device position – If you place your streaming device close to the router there are chances that the network signal may weaken. Hence avoid connecting multiple devices to the router and do not place the device close to the router.

Restarting your modem – Turn off your router.

Type the valid credentials – As the network credentials are always case sensitive it will be good if you cross check it once before you type it. Users who find it difficult to remember the passwords always can make use of the show password option.

Use a different streaming device – Sometimes the error may be with your streaming device. Try using a different streaming device and connect it to the network again. Service your device and there will be no charges if your device is under warranty period. Compare the severity of the error for both wired and wireless connection.

To avoid Roku TV Wi-Fi issue, execute the tips available and obtain uninterrupted streaming. If you require more assistance visit or just ring the Roku support number @ +1-866-990-6730.

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