Is Your Roku Remote Not Working?

Without a Roku remote operating your streaming device becomes a tuff task. As you use your remote to make the required selections it is common that you may end up with Roku Remote issues.

Roku Remote Not Working

Roku Remote Not Working

Resolving the Roku remote not working is always important and the troubleshooting becomes much easy if you start executing few tips and tricks below.

Battery placement

The placement or the position of the batteries is important. If you do not place the batteries properly just take out the batteries and align it properly.

Over heating

Do not allow your remote to get over heated and you can try not to use it for some time. As the remote gets back to normal temperature after a while you can try pairing it again with your device.

Get a new Roku Remote for your device

  • Lot of new Roku remote models are available to use with your TV or streaming device and most of the users go for universal remotes and you can use it  with all the latest device models
  • Make use of the enhanced Roku remotes and it is compatible to use with the latest streaming device models. These remotes have lot of amazing features that include settings to control the power and volume of the TV

Service your remote

Servicing your remote is another best option to avoid Roku Remote issues and if your remote is under warranty period free service will be available

Verify the settings on your TV screen

  • There are specific settings available on your TV screen to use the remote. Suggest you to check and verify the settings
  • As you carry on with the step you will get a prompt to select the device name
  • Double check and make sure that the device name that you select from the list is valid

Do not place any obstacles

Try not to place any obstacles between your TV or your streaming device as this may affect the signal strength.

Pointing the remote straight to your TV is always import to get the output.

Apart from the above-listed tips, there are other tips too and you can select the one that is compatible.

Pair the remote to your TV, start making the required selections to use it and begin watching the program collections that you like the most. If you have a plan to purchase a new remote suggest you to check out the reviews available on our webpage at

Get more assistance dialing the support number at +1-866-990-6730 to resolve Roku remote not working errors  and your call be transferred to our team of certified experts who are available 24/7 to assist and guide you

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