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Perform the process to watch some of the best AMC Original Shows. AMC delivers hits such as The Walking Dead besides old Hollywood classics and newer video content as well. Find the channel under the MOVIES & TV category on the Roku player. Fans of AMC would, in fact, retain cable TV only to watch AMC. But now, you can watch AMC on Roku as well. Ditch the cable to get a bigger library of content and a better streaming experience only with the Roku player.

AMC is offered as a live stream by several legal streaming services. Apart from this, the service also comes with a DVR facility to store all your AMC shows for later viewing. On-demand and live shows on the channel are inclusive of some original content and great television. Although you need a cable TV Subscription login to get access to the full content on the channel.

Activate AMC on Roku -

Activate AMC on Roku

On the Roku Player

  • To watch AMC on the Roku device, you just have to go to the CHANNEL STORE or use the SEARCH feature on your player to locate the channel name or icon.
  • After it appears, simply click on it to ADD THE CHANNEL
  • Navigate to the MAIN home Roku screen and the channel will appear there
  • Upon, activation, you may be prompted to enter the cable TV credentials
  • Just enter all the required login details and launch the app

Note: Unfortunately, AMC FireTV renders a rather poor service

Other Ways of Stream AMC

For those who do not wish to download the app as a separate service, here is how to watch AMC without cable. The best AMC original shows are also available on the following economical services, if you have already installed them.


One of the easiest and cheapest ways to stream channels is through Philo TV. Costing only $16for the first package, the service, furthermore, consists of only two tiers. Even if you were to choose the 2nd package, it costs only $20. Both the tiers offer Roku support. Subscribe to the base package at $16 and you will still get AMC. There are about 43 channels in the first tier and 55 channels available on the second. The service is also inclusive of an above-par DVR service where you can record as many shows as you want and store them for future watching for up to 30 days.

Sling TV

Known as a low-cost means to stream AMC and a host of other channels, Sling TV subscriptions are inexpensive. This is also one of the most powerful services that has the capability to replace cable TV. You can save a lot of money if you were to cut everything and order only Sling’s Orange package. Priced at only $25 (recent price rise of $5), you don’t even need to perform the process if you subscribe to the service. Sling also offers economical add-on packages for just an addition of around $5. The Orange package has more than 30 channels and the Blue package has more than 40 premium channels to offer.

To watch the best AMC original shows, just perform the process. If you do not know how, call our agents @ +1-866-990-6730 or visit for a consultation.

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