Activate Sling TV On Roku

Roku has many international channels and Sling TV is one good option for getting the best of both worlds. When you activate Sling TV on Roku, you get both local live TV options as well as international channels from your home country. There is a little something for everyone on Sling TV and this is the best place to explore more about this service.

Activate Sling TV on Roku

Activate Sling TV on Roku

The Different Packages – Which To Choose

It has two main packages namely the Orange and the Blue which start at almost the same monthly charges. So why don’t we have a look at what you get with each of these plans first after which you can decide on which one to choose.


  • Costs around $25 per month
  • The number of streams is limited to just one at a time
  • There is a total of 22 channels available
  • You get majors like ESPN and Disney on this plan
  • Fox and NBC channels are however not present


  • Costs around $25 each month
  • You can simultaneously stream on three devices max
  • It has Fox and NBC channels
  • A total of 35 channels are present in this plan
  • With the exclusion of ESPN and Disney

Orange Plus

  • Costs around $40 every month
  • Allows up to four simultaneous streams for one subscription
  • Has all channels from the previous two plans

A Few Good International Channels to Pick

It is the best place to find the max number of international channels that includes Sports, movies and regular TV channels. Here’s a list that awaits you on this service;

  • &TV
  • Geo News
  • Geo TV
  • Nautical Channel
  • Now Chinese Drama Channel
  • Now TV
  • Outside Television
  • Phoenix Hong Kong Channel
  • TRACE Sport Stars
  • Zing

To learn more about other language channels and available options, you can visit our website Now, let’s find out how you can add such an amazing app to your Roku.

Roku Activation

Before you begin the activation, we suggest that you get an account with Sling TV first. After which, choose a suitable package and also subscribe to it, either monthly or yearly. And then, start with the following set of steps;

  • First, turn on your Roku
  • And then, make sure you connect it to your home network
  • Depending on your device, it can be a wired or a wireless connection
  • After which, you get access to the channel store
  • Also, accessible as the Streaming Channels menu
  • Use it to place a search for the Sling TV app
  • And then, install it on your Roku com link account.
  • Launch the app on your device
  • And then, wait for the activation page to appear
  • Now, enter the Sling TV account details
  • Your subscription plan and the corresponding channel list will reflect here

After you activate Sling TV on Roku, you can access your favorite live TV channels 24/7 without any hindrance. However, you will need an uninterrupted internet service to support your streaming moods. If you need any assistance, call our toll-free number +1-866-990-6730.

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